Wellness Clinic Intake Forms

Welcome to The Church Of Ubuntu Wellness Clinic Intake Form

We are here to support you to take your health back into your own hands.

Please read the instructions carefully:

By clicking the ‘buy now‘ paypal button below, you will be directed to paypal and payment for the $80 consultation fee, which includes a follow-up consult 2-3 weeks after your initial consultation, either by using a paypal account, or if you do not have a paypal account using your credit/debit card and referencing info@churchofubuntu.org as the payer.

Once payment has been made there is a ‘return to sellers website’ button on the paypal page which you need to click, this will then direct you to the Intake Form. Please click ‘return to sellers website’ button so you can complete the intake process.

Then please complete the intake form and click submit. If it does not submit, please recheck the form and correct any error messages and try again.

Once it has been submitted correctly, you will be directed to nutritional guidelines which will begin your consultation. We recommend you start following these nutritional guidelines prior to your consultation in preparation for starting your Ubuntu Well-being programme.

It is imperative that once your form is completed to please take the time to read through the Intake Form Support Information, preferably with loved ones or carers who will be assisting you. 

Once your Wellness Clinic Intake Form is completed and submitted you are entered into our system and our consultants read all your case particulars and create a comprehensive program for you including, diet, health, lifestyle, natural medicine recommendations and where to purchase medicines.

Once that process is complete, you will then receive an email from one of our assistants, and how you can proceed to book your personal over the phone consultation. (Please note that the first personal contact generally takes about 3 to 5 days from receipt of your intake form, the consult within 14-21 days usually pending our workload, with apologies).

We look forward to sharing your journey to wellness.

The Ubuntu Team.

* Administration Costs – $80. – includes initial consultation and a follow-up consultation 2-3 weeks later.

Please ensure clients name is on your payment and click on the (return to sellers website) button when payment is completed to be guided to the form. If you experience any difficulties please either email or call us for assistance. intakes@churchofubuntu.org   Tel: 0411 483 895 10am till 5pm Monday to Friday

Terms and conditions refund and returns policy

The Church of Ubuntu is supported by many members of the community, we are a not for profit incorporated association. Our health consultants are all highly experienced and each one can offer a great insight into your health and well-being . The first step to wellness is to accept full responsibility for ones own health, we offer a much needed alternative to allopathic medicines, we aim to cure occasionally, relieve often, and comfort always. The Ubuntu Team.