A Fathers Day Wish

A Fathers Day Wish

Imagine how beautiful our world would be if we all give our Fathers the gift of Cannabis Seeds this Fathers Day 2020.

The Cannabis/Hemp plant is the most nutrient rich food source currently known to man.

If our fathers were growing their own cannabis to consume as food and medicine (just like our ancestors have been for thousands of years), we could  all have a better quality of life, and immediate affordable access to this amazing plant, this is a basic fundamental human right. 

If our Fathers were growing Cannabis they could experience the benefits of a safe effective treatment for multiple ailments including pain, post-traumatic stress, insomnia, a safer non invasive treatment for prostate cancer, and much much more. 

Our Mothers could make medicine for themselves and  family and friends when needed, and we could all live happier and healthier lives reaping the benefits of consuming whole plant Cannabis as a dietary essential and a safe effective medical treatment especially for inflammation, (the most common cause of age related suffering)

In an ideal world we could be giving Cannabis Seeds to our Fathers this Fathers Day.

#Giveourfathersseeds #wholeplantcannabis

#endprohibition #birthright


The creator made Cannabis 

Man made alcohol.

In who do you trust ?