A Life Of Its Own – Powerful Documentary “The Truth About Medical Marijuana”

The Church Of Ubuntu would like to invite you to two local screenings of the amazing new video documentary “A Life Of It’s Own” The Truth About Medical Marijuana.

Directed and produced by Helen Kapalos, this documentary aims to provide clarity and understanding about one of Australia’s most stigmatised and controversial issues – medical marijuana.

Date: Sun, 13th Nov, 2016, 4pm. Where: Event Cinemas Newcastle                                                                                                                   183-185 King St, Newcastle Pacific Highway. Ticket Link: https://tickets.demand.film/event/1114 

Date: Tue, 29th Nov, 2016 6:30pm Where: Hoyts Charlestown                                                                                                                                    The Forum Centre, 244 Pacific Highway, Charlestown, New South Wales, 2290. Ticket Link: https://tickets.demand.film/event/1170

“Award-winning journalist, Helen Kapalos, takes the audience on a wide-ranging voyage of discovery about medicinal cannabis, addressing the complex issues facing its use. The film was inspired during the making of a network news TV story which detailed a young man’s difficult decision to use cannabis for his terminal illness and to ease the debilitating nausea he experienced following chemotherapy – made all the more poignant because the young man’s father served for decades as a drug-squad police chief. In the weeks after the story was aired thousands of people came forward speaking of their own experience with medicinal cannabis. The story had unwittingly unearthed a silent majority – personal stories of patients suffering a range of illnesses, from intractable epilepsy to rare genetic diseases. Against the anecdotal evidence of benefits, the film discusses the lack of clinical evidence, the limitations of present drug regulation, the rise of a black market in medicinal cannabis, and the ongoing social stigma. The testimony of medical professionals, scientists, lawyers and politicians brings a balance to the debate.”