About Us

We are the Church of Ubuntu Incorporated:  INC1500441   

We are a religious organisation that operates an associated wellness clinic.                                                               

The Ubuntu Wellness Clinic is  located at 97 Hunter Street Newcastle NSW 2300    PH: +61 (0)2 4926 1881


Ubuntian’s are a religious order that selflessly assist sentient beings (people and animals) struggling with all kinds of significant physical and emotional health issues.  We give much needed support and care to patients, and their families, challenged by such things as cancer, leukemia, epilepsy, MS, fibromyalgia, and many other significant health conditions. Much like the ancient Essenes we focus our work on natural plant based medicines, and phyto-nutrients, working with a host of clinics, doctors, and practitioners. For wellness to be achieved, we know that it is extremely important to supply the body with the proper nutrition. Our bodies are capable of moving into powerful states of healing if they have what they need, which are the essential building blocks for health. On this site and through our clinic, we offer a host of services to assist you on your path to wellbeing. If you would like our help, please start by completing our wellness intake form and submitting your medical information. Once this is done we will book you a preliminary consultation with one of our staff.

We provide information and support through communications and consultations, to help individuals whom wish to explore fundamental health and wellbeing options not addressed by the current allopathic medical system. We do this through our online services, phone conversations, zoom calls, and direct appointments with our consultants. We also provide (through our networks) many kinds of natural medicines and dietary supplements as well as spiritual council for those struggling with many wide and varied health concerns.

We encourage all individuals to first accept self responsibility for their health.

We believe the journey to wellbeing requires a like minded community, we work diligently to connect our clients to consultants and other groups best suited for their personal needs.

Reception:  10am-5pm Mon to Friday +61(0)2 4926 1881 info@churchofubuntu.org

Ministry/Committee Members:                                                           



Karen Burge:   karen@churchofubuntu.org

“I am the co-founder and Vice President of the The Church of Ubuntu and the manager of our Wellness Clinic in Newcastle. I run the Compassionate Palliative Care program at the Church and support the over all running of the clinic as well as research and support programs.”

Karen is also a co-founder of the Australian Canna Nannas’ who will be touring Australia in 2019 educating people about the importance of hemp food and whole plant cannabis as a dietary essential and a medical necessity.



Barry Futter: bj@churchofubuntu.org

” I am the founder and President of The Church Of Ubuntu. Originally from South Africa i have made it my life mission to carry on the “Ubuntu” tradition as taught by Nelson Mandela and the Archbishop Desmond Tutu.”

BJ is an experienced enthusiastic advocate for a holistic understanding of humans and their place within nature.