Barry John Futter – BJ

About BJ

BJ stands for the recognition of “Cannabis is Food” as a fundamental Human Right Issue, and demands we act upon change, and not just debate it.

Since 2011, BJ has been dedicated to research of the Cannabis plant and was passionate enough to put his own freedom on the line to help thousands of people in need. In late 2016 BJ’s premises was raided by police and 215 Cannabis plants were seized and destroyed – plants designated for people to grow their own medicine for terminal illnesses. In September 2018, a district court judge showed deep understanding of the intent for the plants and BJ left the court with no conviction – the Judge himself a party to real change.

Born and raised in the farmlands of South Africa in 1962, BJ saw first-hand the inequality of Human Rights and in contrast, the power of community connected with the earth. For the past 40 years, this heritage has shaped his life as an Australian citizen and has fuelled his passion to see positive and long-term change.

This drive for change has been enhanced by the current lack of access to Cannabis as essential food, which in itself is a significant Human Rights and Health issue he believes. As president of the Church of Ubuntu and a dedicated oil maker over the past 8 years, BJ feels his role is to assist and continue in a change of attitude and application of the amazing plant Cannabis.

BJ Futter has dedicated himself to the awareness and re-education of the crucial role of Food as our Medicine in the hope that we can lessen the burden of pain and disease – both on the individual and their families. This burden also rests on the community and healthcare infrastructure as both medical costs and disease continue to rise. BJ is a passionate man who believes in the equality of all and our innate sovereign right to choose what is best for our health and wellness, for ourselves, our family and community.