Cannabis Is Food – Part 1

I, along with thousands of others in our community, choose to consume Cannabis as food for the nutritional, medicinal and disease prevention benefits. As a community we believe that all Australians deserve immediate affordable access to Cannabis which is now known as the world’s most important vegetable, and home grown should be our first choice if that is an option. We also believe our health is our biggest asset and in most cases it is easier to prevent disease rather than treat it.

In the last 5 years I have witnessed thousands of individuals in our community achieve better quality of life by consuming Cannabis, hemp seeds, simple dietary and lifestyle changes and reducing the toxins they put in and on their body.

Consuming Cannabis and adopting a plant based diet has assisted me in overcoming PTSD, anxiety, chronic fatigue, 30 years of yo-yo dieting and bringing an auto-immune condition into remission and personally I believe all Australians deserve that choice.

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Thank you Jay Del Ray for supporting women in our community to get important issues off our chest.

Karen Burge
Vice President Church of Ubuntu, Manager of Ubuntu Wellness Clinic