Chase Alert

We The People respectfully request that Chase Walker-Steven be allowed to see his parents immediately following their Court appearance on Thursday May 25th 2017 at Broadmeadow Children’s Court House, starting at 9am. Even if only while he is in the Director General’s care, as nothing has been proved in any court and any person is innocent until proven otherwise.

We all pray that justice prevails; we ask all whom attend court to behave with all due respect and to allow this process to complete. If the court for any reason, with the evidence presented, does not allow the above to occur, we are not responsible for the national events that may inevitably follow. We believe the outcome of this case, if not handled by a discerning conscious and responsible magistrate, has the potential to possibly mobilise the largest acts of civil disobedience this country called Australia have ever seen.

We will see many of you tomorrow at the:

Broadmeadow Children’s Court House 19-23 Lambton Rd, Broadmeadow NSW Australia. (Newcastle) Time: 9am.

They will most probably close the court to the public as all such children’s cases are closed to the public in this court. That is, We The People are not permitted to observe the proceedings. If we are not able to enter the gallery we will wait peacefully together in solidarity outside the Court House.

Pending the outcome of the case we will all proceed to:

John Hunter Hospital, Kookaburra Circuit, New Lambton Heights, NSW Aust 2305

There we are going to assist the family to see their Child and be with him.

We will inform Senior Detective Wheatley Newcastle Police and present a copy of this document to Newcastle Police Station tonight in person.    We have informed him at this time, that it is our intent that the parents see their child and are able to be with him in the hospital.

We ask no more at this time.

We ask the NSW Police to respect our rights and to remind them that their mandate, like ours is to protect human life.

The right to protest is our right and providing we have notified the authorities it is our legal right.

Considering the situation We The People feel our request is most reasonable at this time.

No child in hospital should be without his or her parents when there has been no opportunity to defend accusations in any Court of Law.

If you value your fundamental human rights and the right to protect your children from these appalling abuses of our justice system, please support us.

With great respect and in Truth.

“You are therefore we are”

The Church Of Ubuntu.