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Chase Walker Steven is an innocent 5yr old boy who was medically kidnapped in Newcastle Australia on the 19thof May 2017 by Family and Community Services (FACS) and the NSW Police Force. The Secretary for FACS, Michael Coutts-Trotter (who served three years of a nine year sentence for trafficking heroine)  has since confirmed that there was an error in the reasons for removal, but Chase has still not been returned to the care of his beloved parents, Cini Walker and Marc Steven. Please note some of these videos contain disturbing images.

Friday 19thMay 2017 Approximately 5pm – The following link is a Facebook live video of the removal of Chase by the NSW Police and two FACS caseworkers at the Church of Ubuntu. Please note, the FACS caseworkers did not have a court order as they stated, and that no member of FACS or the NSW Police Force identified themselves, that is, it was an abduction by the NSW State Government with no judicial oversight. This video was seen by over 500,000 people within minutes and over 4 million people within hours of its live release.

Prior to this Chase was in a safe, loving and nurturing environment.

Below is a timeline of Chase’s life. Prior to his parents using Cannabis Food Concentrates (CFCs), Chase spent a large part of his life in hospital and house bound due to his uncontrolled seizures.

In September 2016 Chase’s parents started using Whole Plant Cannabis in a last ditch effort to help his highly compromised quality of life. Please take some time to watch the videos in this email and see attached images of his health improving in his parents care.

After the introduction of Cannabis and a plant-based diet Chase started to laugh and smile for the first time in 3 years. He also became conscious of his surroundings, started to hold his head up, look around and was also learning to wave and to talk for the first time in his life at the age of 4. This was all thanks to a plant-based diet, whole plant cannabis and having his emotional needs met, in a loving nurturing family and community environment.

Prior to the medical kidnapping on the 19th of May 2017 the parents left an appointment on 27th April 2017 that they had arranged with Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital (LCCH) in Brisbane stating that the Dr refused to address their concerns. After this appointment the family left Brisbane to seek a second opinion from another doctor in Newcastle NSW. On their arrival in Newcastle on 28th April 2017 Chase’s parents were apprehended by police, it was then that Marc and Cini discovered that QLD DOCs and Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital had raised a “National Amber Alert” for Chase stating, “Chase was removed from Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane by people known to Chase” and that he was at “immediate risk of harm”. Later that afternoon Cini and Marc were escorted with Chase, by police in an ambulance to the John Hunter Hospital Newcastle for him to be assessed for his health. Cini, Marc, Chase and members of The Ubuntu Community spent 3-4 hours at the John Hunter Hospital.

A Doctor that same evening stated, “Chase was not in any danger, was not at risk and could be managed as an outpatient”, this was when Marc, Cini and Chase where discharged from John Hunter Hospital to follow up with an outpatient appointment on Monday 1st May 2017. I Karen witnessed this appointment and the relief the parents experienced having found a doctor willing to work with them, and not against them. This night I witnessed a doctor standing her ground and listening to the concerns of the parents, the doctor then made a decision based on the best interests of Chase knowing the only people that could provide him with the full scope of his needs, were his loving parents.

On Monday 1st May 2017, Marc, Cini and Chase went to their follow up appointment with the doctor at John Hunter Children’s Hospital. Chase had been assessed and had a blood test at this appointment. Again the doctor had no concerns for Chase and saw no risk to his wellbeing. The doctor stated, that Chase was happy and looked well, that she was happy to keep Chase as an outpatient and have a follow up appointment the following week, yet again for about the 10th time, the Family were discharged and left the hospital with no doctors having concerns for Chase’s wellbeing. I Karen was also at this appointment with Barry Futter the Church President and could see how conformable the doctor was to know Chase was safe with his parents.

Friday the 19thMay 2017 – Approximately 11pm. Cini, Chase’s Mother after being released from custody

20thMay 2017 – This video was filmed the day after Chase was taken, please note that Chase Walker-Steven was born healthy with an APGAR score of 10 but started to show signs of respiratory issues and twitching within the first 24hrs after birth. This information can be confirmed with documented evidence and there is also an excellent well researched article on Chase’s health history.

6thJuly 2017 – Several weeks after the forced removal Pastor Paul Robert Burton interviewed Dr Andrew Katelaris regarding Chase. Dr Andrew Katelaris is an Australian Dr who has been researching herbal cannabis tinctures for almost two decades. He is currently in a maximum-security jail in Australia for supplying Cannabis oil to Chase and other children as a matter of “Medical Necessity”

Chase’s parents used all their savings in the early stages of court proceedings which has now been running for almost 12 months. They are currently involved in multiple Court cases against FACS with Cini defending herself and Marc supported by Solicitor Peter Little. FACS have employed a large legal team including Barristers, QC’s and Crown Solicitors, costing Australian taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, as the NSW State Government endeavour to place Chase into foster care until he is 18 years of age.

The families court cases could drag out for years adding more suffering to an already traumatised child, his beloved devoted parents, two sisters, grandmother, nephew, extended family and the supportive local community.

There are also several other concurrent Court cases involving other individuals associated with Chase and our greater spiritual community. These are mainly concerned with alleged breaches of suppression laws, whereby the NSW State Government is trying to silence people talking about the truth of this child’s unlawful removal. The NSW State Government are using thousands of dollars of taxpayer funds to suppress the truth from the Australian Public.

Meanwhile Chase has been kept in a hotel room with multiple carers for over 10 months, costing the Australian taxpayers over $200,000. Please see below the evident transformation. Chase went from over 100 seizures a day to 50 days seizure free on a plant-based diet and Whole Plant Cannabis. The life of Chase before when there was hope.

See below videos of Chase’s life prior to the 19thMay 2017

9thDecember 2017 – This was how Chase spent most of his life before Cannabis Food Concentrates.

24thDecember 2017 – Chase enjoying his music in his parent’s care.

28thJanuary 2017 – Chase enjoying his pumpkin soup for lunch.

7thFebruary 2017 – Chase’s Mum Cini talking about Chase’s transformation.

19thFebruary 2017 – Chase recovering from Vaccine injury and toxic overload from pharmaceutical medicine.

14thof March 2017 – Chase happy and as healthy as he can be in the loving care of his parents. This video was taken after attending a court case with the Magistrate ruling that she was confident that Chase was safe in the loving care of his adoring parents. As you can see he was conscious of his surroundings, interacting with his family and seizure free for 40 days. His sister stated that Chase used to have seizures all the time and does not have them anymore.

A lot happened between the 1st May 2017 and 15 May 2017, with the parents working together with the doctors advise and adding formula to find a balanced diet for Chase. In between this time Cini and Marc organised an outpatient appointment with the doctor at John hunter Hospital for the 15 May 2017. On the 15 May 2017 Cini called John Hunter Hospital to notify that Chase was sick and couldn’t make the appointment. The Doctor called back and understood why Cini was concerned for Chase coming into hospital, the doctor stated, “she would send an email to Cini with a referral to take Chase to get his follow up bloods tested.” I Karen heard this phone conversation with the John Hunter Hospital doctor.

By the 18 May 2017, Cini was concerned as she had not received the email the doctor said she would send to get Chase’s bloods tested. Cini called the Hospital to ask where the email was, the Hospital resent the email and Cini received this email. As soon as Cini received the email with the referral for the blood test, her and I (Karen), took Chase to get his blood tested straight away.

On the 19th May 2017, the world watched helplessly as Chase was forcibly removed from his parents loving care as seen in the first video which was filmed live from The Church of Ubuntu. The family were seeking refuge in The Church whilst securing a second opinion for their son after being told to go home and prepare for his funeral as all medical options had been exhausted.

In this video above you will hear the FACS caseworker claiming they had a “court order for removal,” this was untrue. The paper supplied on 19th May was not authorised by any court of law and had no judicial oversight, they came without a warrant and took the child unlawfully. The information claimed to be a court order for removal was based on outdated blood test stating that Chase’s potassium levels were low although FACS Charlestown had received confirmation prior to the 19th of May that Chase’s current blood test had shown Chase’s potassium levels had improved and he was not in need of urgent medical assistance. FACS still proceeded to mislead the police and remove Chase form his beloved devoted parents care, despite it being known that Chase was not at immediate risk of harm.

Please note after this event 5 police officers applied for stress leave, and to this day none of the family or community have been offered any support or counselling for the torture they endured nor have they had any support dealing with the violent assault and shocking violations that occurred on the 19thMay 2017.

Several hours after Chase and his parents were forcibly removed from the Church of Ubuntu and transported to JHH Hospital, a Dr at the Hospital assessed Chase and told the parents that his life was not in danger, his blood test came back normal and he could be treated as an outpatient. Chase’s Mum Cini rang me (Karen) to tell me this news so we were all eagerly anticipating Cini and Marc leaving the hospital with their son. Shortly after Cini got off the phone to Karen, she was handcuffed and assaulted in front of her son while her partner Marc was held captive in a toilet cubicle by 4 police. Chase’s father managed to kick the door off the hinges and sounded like a man caught in a house fire. This video below shows graphic details of the moments when Chase’s beloved Mother Cini was being dragged from The Hospital. Members of The Church of Ubuntu ran to her aid and they along with Chase’s mum Cini were all assaulted with pepper spray. One female member of the Church who ran to assist Cini was punched in the face 3 times by one of the NSW Police Officers.

Friday the 19thMay 2017– Approximately 9.30pm. The event that took place after I (Karen) received a phone from Cini stating “Chase was fine and hopefully Chase would be coming home with the parents.” In this video you will see Cini being dragged out of John Hunter Hospital by the police and thrown into a paddy wagon.

Friday the 19thMay 2017 – Approximately 11pm. Chase’s Dad Marc returned to The Church of Ubuntu after both parents were assaulted when their son was removed from their care. At this time Mark had no idea where Cini was. Marc and Cini were refused the opportunity to say goodbye or talk to 4yr old Chase to explain what was happening.

28thApril 2017 – QLD Child services issued a false “National Amber Alert “after Chase’s parents left an appointment they had arranged. The National Amber Alert stated that Chase was taken from the QLD LCC Hospital by person’s that were known to him. Chase’s Mother Cini was assaulted by the police who were mislead and told Chase’s life was in danger, not realising that he was in the care of his loving parents. Chase’s older sister Nevaeh witnessed this event and ran for help screaming the police have got my mummy. Chase and his parents were released from Hospital several hours later with the Dr confirming that the child was not in need of urgent medical assistance and could be treated as an outpatient.

29th of April 2017 – Chase at the beach with his family, after the Amber Alert on the 28thof May 2017 Stating that Chase was in need of urgent medical care. In this video you will see that Chase is Happy and healthy after the Dr from John Hunter Hospital confirmed that Chase was not in need of urgent medical care and could be treated as an out patient.

10thMay 2017 – Chase was alert and started laughing for the first time since his 12 month vaccination.

11thMay 2017– Chase’s parents Cini and Marc were excited to see Chase smiling and hear his laughter for the first time in years. This was the first time Chase’s sister Nevaeh saw Chase smile and heard Chase laugh at the age of 4.

20thMay 2017 – Chase update from concerned members of the community.

21stMay 2017 – Tributes flood in to support the family and demand that the Australian Government #BringChaseHome.

22ndMay 2017 – Cini’s interview with John Laws expressing her fears for Chase’s life after medical kidnapping.

26thMay 2017 – National I’m Sorry Day prayer vigil for Chase, Newcastle Australia.

26thMay 2017 – National I’m Sorry Day prayer vigil for Chase, Newcastle Australia.

26thMay 2017 – Tassy walk for Chase.

29thof May 2017 – Loving dedications to Chase.

29thMay 2017 – Brisbane rally.

17thJune 2017 – Thousands of people world wide morn for Chase and his family.

28thJune 2017 – For Chase Forever.

15thAugust 2017 – Chasing hope for Chase.

4thSeptember 2017 – Where is Chase?

30thOctober 2017 – Chase’s sisters Neveah and Summer have also suffered from the loss of their brother and the unnecessary separation of the family unit.

25thNovember 2017 – Sydney criminal lawyers article. Fears for a boy that cannot be named.

30thNovember 2017 – Live from one of the many court cases. RIP Aunt Mimi Grandmothers Against Removals

6thMay 2018 – As a community we are concerned about Chase’s health and wellbeing after seeing and hearing evidence of his health declining since being in the alleged care of FACS NSW. In this video you will hear Chase’s grandmother Tina confirming that Chase no longer laughs or smiles.

13thMay 2018 – Peter Little has been working tirelessly for the last 18 months against a massive legal team funded by Australian tax payers in his endeavour to get Chase returned to the loving care of his adoring parents. The trauma and stress taking its toll after months of fighting against a huge legal team and watching the suffering this is causing to Chase, his parents, siblings, extended family and community.

19thMay 2018 – Church of Ubuntu World Prayer Vigil to raise money and awareness for this innocent young family in need.World Prayer Vigil for Chase Walker Steven.

20thMay 2018 -Cini Walker, Chase has still not been returned to the family.

How can you help?

1) Email or write to C/o Ms Tania Mihailuk, MP, Ground Floor, 9A Greenfield Parade, BANKSTOWN NSW 2200. explaining your concerns about Chase and demanding immediate action. You can also use any of this information and/or the “My Will” letter, or write an email using your own words.

Tania is a Member of the Legislative Assembly, Member for Bankstown, Shadow Minister for Family and Community Services, Shadow Minister for Social Housing, Shadow Minister for Mental Health, and Shadow Minister for Medical Research and a Member of the Australian Labor Party.

2) You can donate to the family here. The Walker-Steven family from Queensland, relocated to Newcastle twelve months ago to be close to Chase. This means that the family, especially Chase’s sisters are missing out on the support from extended family members in Queensland. The family are currently planning to move back to QLD and all donations are supporting the families legal and living expenses as well as the cost to move back to QLD to give Chase’s sisters more stability and the emotional support needed from family members.

3) Download, print, sign and return the “My Will” letter here. 

4) Continue to send your loving prayers and best wishes to Chase and his family to give them hope and strength to carry on in their darkest hours. Thank you all for your continued love, support and best wishes it inspires us and gives us the strength to continue to do what we need to do to #BringChaseHome to his loving, devoted parents, sisters, immediate and extended family.

If you are in a position to assist the family financially you can also donate here.
Chasing Hope
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You can also follow the story on Facebook at Chasing Hope, Australia Bring Chase Home, Chasing Memories for Chase 

THIS IS NOT AN ISOLATED CASE. Hundreds of Australian families are living this same nightmare and in standing up for Chase we are standing up for all children everywhere.

Karen Burge Vice President

The Church Of Ubuntu

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