Chasing Hope – Update 29th June 2018

Chase Walker Steven and all children separated from loving devoted parents are emotionally and psychologically damaged. In my opinion, those that have played a part in this atrocity should be charged with child abuse. Those that consciously or unconsciously continue to cause pain and suffering to innocent families and their children should all be held accountable!

Please look at the image below of Chase’s smiling happy face. Chase has not been seen smiling since he was forcefully removed from his beloved parents care. He has not laughed since the video containing this photo was taken. For the last 12 months Chase has lived in a motel with multiple strangers while suffering the adverse effects of the synthetic food and medicine without his Mum and Dad there to hold and comfort him. These facts along with proof of abuse and a decline in heath, are in multiple court documents however Chase’s parents still lost their right to have Chase returned to the family last Friday the 22nd of June 2018.

I believe Chase was in need of care and protection the minute FACS and the NSW Police entered The Church and Wellness Clinic on the 19th of May 2017. The emotional, psychological, physical damage and abuse that has been inflicted on Chase, his family and the community, is best described as inhumane torture.

In January 2017 I met two of the most loving devoted parents I have ever met, they were holding their precious little family together as a team, working together in unison 24/7 to lovingly care for their precious son and his happy, healthy sisters. I have been a major part of this families life for the last 18 months and in this time I have watched this family being torn apart like hundreds, possibly thousands of others, because of an outdated system that now calls itself Family and Community Services (FACS). Every member of this family have suffered immense grief and torture and I imagine that Chase’s pain and suffering is dramatically escalated because of the loss of the family unit, as well as each individual member and even his beloved pets, especially his cat “little man” who slept at the foot of his bed every night prior to Chase’s violent forced removal.

When I met this family they just wanted to be left alone to spend what precious time they have left with their beloved son, they also wanted other parents to know that Cannabis could improve the quality of life for their children.

Do you really think it is in the best interest of Chase to keep him from his loving devoted parents, FACS? NSW Family Court? Minister and Secretary for Family and Community Services?

The video below shows what happens to a child that is separated from loving devoted parents.

Karen Burge

#BringChaseHome to the only love and quality of life he has. To keep him from love is inhumane and torturous to this precious child, his sisters and parents. In the name of love and compassion we need to #BringChaseHome, #BringLarisaHome, #BringJacobHome, #BringAllChildrenHome

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