Chasing Hope World Prayer Vigil 19th May 2018

Chasing Hope World Prayer Vigil 19th of May 2018
On Saturday 19th May the community held a vigil at Newcastle Pacific Park with many other synchronous venues across the world to raise awareness about the child “Chase” who is still not home with his family. We wanted to bring people’s attention to this deplorable situation and also to assist with the necessary fundraising support for the family so that they are able to continue their tireless efforts to have their beautiful boy returned home.

It truly was a great tribute to all, there was music performed by Paul Robert Burton, a Pirate by the name of Mick Dundee Hills who entertained the children by creating balloon animals, and speakers including Karen Burge, Belinda Doonar and BJ Futter. We shared about the injustice of this whole situation regarding Family and Community Services (FACS), Cannabis reform, and the current challenges the combined community are facing within the legal system. The full live video can be viewed on our COU Facebook page.

We send gratitude and thanks to all who made this day possible and to all those who shared in our global vision of strength and unity.

Dr Andrew Katelaris

Maria Katelaris (Dr. Andrew’s Wife) and family were at the event to support the Walker-Steven family, as Dr. Andrew was absent due to his recent arrest for an alleged breach of bail, he is currently on remand in Cessnock Correctional Facility. We are hoping his bail application is approved on the 14th June 2018, if unsuccessful he may well remain in Cessnock Correctional Facility until his trial in early November this year.

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You can support, follow and share Chase’s journey on Facebook Chasing HopeAustralia Bring Chase Home, or join the weekly prayer circle every Friday night on Chasing Memories for Chase.

To make a donation to the Walker-Steven family who are in great need of financial support, please forward any contributions directly to their personal account.

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Article by Karen Burge