Church of Ubuntu Legal Update

Judge Recognises that Medicinal Cannabis Producers are Not Criminals

On the 1st of December 2016 the apartment of Barry John Futter (BJ) the Church of Ubuntu President was raided by police and 215 Cannabis plants many of which were destined to be life saving medicine for children with epilepsy and the sick and dying, were confiscated. See the original news release here: 

Every day our Ubuntu Community continues to offer the valuable services of medicinal cannabis oil makers like BJ, because we believe that all Australians deserve “immediate affordable access” to whole plant Cannabis that is effectively as cheap to grow and as harmless as parsley!

Surmountable research proves that Cannabis is non toxic and a safe and effective natural medicine for multiple conditions. Our ancestors have used Cannabis as a food and medicine for thousands of years prior to its prohibition in 1937, and every day that Cannabis is withheld from us is another day of needless suffering for our community and people everywhere. Medicinal cannabis has technically been legalised in Australia since September 2016 but still today, over two years later, it is near impossible for people to access and those few people that can access it are paying extraordinary amounts of money.

Bj’s Court Case has now concluded and we be releasing the very positive outcome of this at the end of the week, once we have received the full transcript from His Honour Roy Ellis. In the meantime here are a few examples of the submissions that were submitted to The Court.

Submissions R v Barry Futter – 27th July 2018

Submissions R v Barry Futter – 16th August 2018

Submissions R v Barry Futter – 17th October 2018

Submissions R v Barry Futter – 18th October 2018

Submissions R v Barry Futter – 23rd October 2018

Submissions R v Barry Futter – 24th October 2018

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your continued support and our further appreciation to all of you who sent in so many testimonies to assist us. We were able to prove that whole plant cannabis is a safe and effective medical treatment that offers a better quality of life to many members of our community.

Karen Burge 

Vice President – Church of Ubuntu

I Matter, You Matter, We all Matter!!!

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