COU Concerns Letter Channel 7 Defamation

As a result of the unlawful and highly defamatory release by Channel 7 of the Sunday Night Show, we at the Church are initiating a defamation case against them.

The original show is here and our Concerns Letter below. much respect xxx PRB


DEFAMATION ACT 2005 Section 14

Take Notice

On Sunday 28th day of May 2017 Channel 7 did cause to be published in a television show named “Sunday Night” a story called “Saving Chase”. In this show Channel 7 caused my face to be shown and you interviewed (without written consent) members of our Church and associates making clear several defamatory imputations.

1) Your show imputed by stating that the Church was a “so called wellness centre” that it was not a centre that cared about people’s wellbeing and that therefore I was a person and we were people whom did not care about other people’s wellbeing.

2) Your show referred to B J Futter as a “charismatic leader” and carried the clear imputation that the Church was in fact a cult and that B J Futter was a “cult leader” and that therefore I am a member of a “cult” and therefore brainwashed and unable to make my own decisions or break away from “the cult”.

3) Your show referred to cannabis oil as “strong unregulated cannabis oil not the medical variety” and carried the serious imputation that our church and our services to the community are irresponsible, that we deal in drugs and that therefore I am and we are associates of and /or conspirators with drug dealers and drug dealings.

4) Your show carried the imputation that I and we were and are “wacky” and “crazy persons” who should not be taken seriously.

The implications of this show to myself, our ministry, our families and our Ubuntu Community have been absolutely devastating. The misrepresentation of information and deliberate withholding of important facts has misled the public and consciously and deliberately encouraged a significant percentage of the public to unfairly persecute us.

As a result of the defamatory statements and the imputations they conveyed I request by you an offer to make amends. Failure to make an offer of amends that is acceptable or failure to make any offer of amends at all within the prescribed period will result in proceedings for defamation being launched without further notice.

With respect Paul Robert Burton. Church Minister, Secretary and Public Officer.

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