COU – Congratulations to Chase Walker-Steven

The Church of Ubuntu would like to thank Beenleigh Magistrate Pamela Dowse on her recent decision to refuse a Court Assessment Order from Child Protective Services, and for Chase Walker-Steven to stay in the loving care of his beautiful supportive family.

Special thanks to all those whom helped support the family. Let us hope that Chase (whom is doing amazingly well) and his family, can now have a life without the continued threats, intimidation and emotional violence of him being torn from those whom love and support him so well.

We are thankful there are still Magistrates that defend against the terrible injustices and abuses of the unlawful State control of our children.

It is good for all families challenging FACS (Family & Community Services) to recognise that the Child Protection Act clearly states: “a child’s family has the primary responsibility for the child’s upbringing, protection and development”

Love to all and much respect The Ubuntu Team.

“atmano mokshatham jagat hitaya cha”
For one’s own welfare and the welfare of all

(Picture – Chase, with family and friends, having a siesta outside the court after a massage from BJ)

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Chase Walker-Steven