COU letter to FACS and The Childrens Court – Chase Walker-Steven

7th July 2017 For the Attention of:
1. Catherine Samuels | Director Child Protection | Accredited Specialist Children’s Law Department of Family and Community Services | FACS Legal A Level 3, 2 Cavill Avenue, Ashfield NSW 2131 W

2. The unknown Magistrate assigned to the court case for Chase Walker-Steven at an unknown time and date, an unknown location, and an unknown charge.

Hello Catherine I hope you are well.

In regard to your first correspondence with me via email on 27/6/2017 and your recent email on 6/7/2017 I wish to share some things of which you may not be aware. This is to help clarify both my position as an individual and as the Secretary, Public Officer and a Minister for The Church Of Ubuntu. If you could respectfully forward this correspondence to the Magistrate whom is now handling the case for Chase Walker-Steven, wherever and whenever that case is occurring, as it has been gagged and kept secret from the public despite thousands of people previously seeing it live on social media. This being the case I have no way of addressing the Magistrate in this matter and no way of defending both my rights as an individual and those of our Church whom the court has made orders identifying but never once communicated directly with, despite my repeated efforts.

Now, in regards to your correspondence and requests please note.

I completely and unquestionably refuse to remove any of my facebook posts, social media posts and any other publications associated with this case. I will also continue to say and do what I wish on all media platforms.

I welcome the opportunity to be held fully accountable for the previous release of this information you have mentioned and I look forward to attending court as soon as is possible and you are able to find something to charge me with.

I already wrote to Magistrate Ellen Skinner some time back about this matter, you should find this in your court records. Further to this you should also find my letters to Magistrate Pamela Dowse in Queensland the first three times this same evidence was used against this family and thrown out of court.

The reason for my defiant attitude and choices in this matter, the truth be known, are very simple and I believe any kind decent human being would understand.

First I wish to draw your attention as you have done to me of s.105 of the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 (NSW)(Care Act) which prohibits the publication of the name of a child or young person who is the subject of proceedings before the Children’s Court. Section 105(4) of the Care Act defines reference to the name of a child or young person for the purposes of that section as including a reference to any information, picture or other material:
(a) that identifies the child or young person, or
(b) that is likely to lead to the identification of the child or young person.

Catherine, you claim that I am in breach of this Act but I would like to point out that we have initiated a defamation case against Channel 7 whom breached this same Act on the 28th May on their Sunday Tonight Show.

I would suggest that since the Sunday Show airs to thousands and thousands more people than my facebook posts, that you should begin by addressing your concerns to them in regards to this section of the Act, not us.

Further to this Channel Seven did publish images about this child as well as false and misleading information. They avoided the truth that this case concerns an Aboriginal Child, The Child Protection Act, and unlawful activities by Family And Community Services (FACS). Instead they chose to defame myself, our Church, our community and consciously and deliberately distorted the perception of us in the public domain. This of course did nothing to further the best interests of the family that came to us for refuge and safety from persecution, and has caused both us and them significant harm. I doubt the Magistrate has any real idea of whom and what we are at all? But who would know as it is all hidden.

Further to this I have also initiated a private prosecution under the Crimes Act 1900 Section 56 law part code: 228 against FACS Caseworkers on the grounds of misfeasance.

Misfeasance in a Public Office is a serious offence and under this Act I do not have any obligation to hide the names of the FACS workers.

In my understanding there is no mention in The Child Protection Act that any of its content overrides the NSW Crimes Act so consequently I have no obligation to remove their names from anything. I have however graciously chosen at this time to honour your request and have their names and faces removed from my posts. I must however stress that I am dumbstruck at both FACS and The Courts appalling lack of regard to reunite this persecuted, abused and tortured family, with their severely compromised son whom is unable to speak, I must confess I am very close to ignoring this request from you as well. Let us also not forget the hundreds of thousands of dollars this ridiculous unnecessary process is costing Australian taxpayers.

I will also mention that FACS misled the Police, trespassed on our premises then ultimately used violence and did pepper spray and assault three members of our Church including myself, not to mention the disgraceful and unnecessary persecution of Jacinda Walker, Marc Steven and their beautiful boy Chase Walker-Steven and not withstanding the suffering of his two beautiful sisters whom I doubt have seen their brother for over 50 days.

My understanding of these events is that they are a crime, that is, a criminal activity against both the family and our Church and community, consequently I cannot and will not be silent as a matter of social responsibility. I require no confirmation from the court that this family is a good kind family because I have known them personally for many months and I have lived with them, you or the Magistrate have not. You do not even allow us the right to be present at the court nor do you acknowledge our significant contribution to this family over the last ten months since Chase became a client and member of our Church. You choose rather to gag the family, remove all you can from the public domain, despite thousands of people seeing these horrific events live on social media. You do this using fear and division tactics, by trolling our facebook accounts, and by enlisting dutiful police to do mental health checks on myself and other members of our community.

FACS has mistreated many thousands of people, some have been violently persecuted, most have had their children stolen from them, and many of these children have ended up in situations far worse than they were ever in with their loving families. It is not us but Family And Community Services that are in contempt; they are most certainly a system in crisis. It also appears that the Child Protection Act and the closed children’s court does no service to truth and justice but rather feeds a sick and deprived industry filled with corruption, greed and heinous crimes against humanity. Let us also remember that there are members of FACS in positions of significant standing with terrible criminal histories, this beggars belief and shows the true depth of failure of our Government to their “Oath Of Office” and responsibility as public servants to “We The People.”

I would like to take this moment Catherine to also remind you that I have entered into no agreement with the court in regards to being silent about any matter and have had no correspondence from anyone but you that only began on 27/6/2017 by email.

The Newcastle Herald released the first publication about “gag orders” on Friday 26th May. Interestingly the journalist from the Newcastle Herald was somehow allowed to attend a closed court, so consequently I did not believe the article was true. A closed court in my understanding should be a closed court and obviously it was not.

I have considerably more to share in regards to this matter but I will now focus on your own tasteless and biased modifications of words spoken by me that again beggars belief coming from a legal professional such as yourself. I refer to your last paragraphs of your most recent email.

“As your recent Facebook posts breach the law, I ask that you immediately remove the video from your Facebook page and remove or edit your Eulogy removing reference to Chase and Chase’s case and removing your threat to reunite Chase with his parents.
If you fail to remove this material and/or continue to post material in breach of the law including threatening to abduct Chase, you may be liable to prosecution.”

First, I never ever said I would abduct Chase, that is your addition to my words and I am somewhat shocked at such behavior from a legal professional. I did however say that I intended to re-unite Chase and his family but that was by taking them into the hospital not by his abduction. If you refer to my early correspondence with Magistrate Ellen Skinner I made it quite clear that all I ever humbly asked in this matter, was that at the very least, this family be somehow re-united with their child in hospital until this case was completed and their innocence or guilt determined. I also said by way of warning, not threat, that if this did not occur the ramifications nationally would be extremely significant and I still stand by this as a statement of fact. I am not responsible for the outcome of FACS and The Courts handling of this matter, it is more a matter of karma for you all being so arrogant.

It is my understanding that FACS are responsible for this crime, not the kind loving family, or any of us, so to remain silent in my understanding is not an option, but alas, it would be a far greater crime.

Considering the size of the public interest in this matter, which to a large degree, is completely out of our control, and remembering also that I did nothing intentional to bring global attention to this case. The video of the pepper spraying event was simply captured and obviously broadcast live by accident and the transmission of the dutiful police being misled on false information and trespassing in our Church was a matter of public duty as we are taught to broadcast an offence when it occurs.

I have no regard for Family And Community Services whatsoever. I do not consider their activities a service but more a significant fundamental human rights violation. Child Trafficking and profiting from children as “financial units” disgusts me to the core of my
being. We have other cases concerning FACS involving children that have allegedly been sexually assaulted under their care, we have numerous cases of unlawful abduction and if the Australian public were to know the real truth it would change the global perception of this country forever.

I am a spiritual man and I have a great love of our Lord and Creator. I do not condone violence of any kind, on the contrary I work diligently to prevent such things and I do all I can to maintain peace and harmony, I am a Minister and I take my position and responsibilities to both the community and our Lord and Creator, very seriously. For your information, you will not find an animal on this planet that would not fight to
protect it’s young from harm. So I again make it quite clear to you as I have with the NSW Police.

If Family And Community Services ever lay one finger on any child in our community again, without truthful and fair legal justification, that is, a genuine reason and explanation. Then they will have to kill me first. Forgive me for I cannot allow our children to get ripped from the caring arms of their kind God loving parents, this is my understanding of God’s Will. If FACS enlist the Police to do their dirty work and have no genuine warrant or legal paperwork, nor any permission or right to override common law, then the Police will also have to kill me to steal our children. As I mentioned in my Eulogy a world in which children are stolen by the state, and the family unit is absolutely decimated to the core for pure greed and self interest, is not a world in which I wish to live, and my time here is spent and I have nothing more to live for. Then unfortunately it gets even worse for many of these children are sent into privatised companies whereby FACS accepts no responsibility and these children are violently abused, tortured, rapped and in some instances murdered, and whilst this continues you wish me to be silent.

I hope I have made myself clear and I look forward to seeing those whom are truly culpable in a court of law that perhaps one day I will be able to genuinely respect. To conclude on a positive, you were and are correct in your determination of how much I, and all of the Ubuntu Community, genuinely love this beautiful boy and his family.

Yours respectfully Paul Robert Burton.
Church Minister, Secretary and Public Officer.
“atmano mokshatham jagat hitaya cha”
For One’s own welfare and the welfare of all. -Swami Vivekananda