Dr Andrew Katelaris – Cannabis Pioneer

Australian Cannabis Pioneer Dr Andrew Katelaris is currently in jail for allegedly prescribing and providing Whole Plant Cannabis to the sick, the dying and children with intractable epilepsy.

For the last 20 years Dr Andrew Katelaris has been on a mission to end the 80 year cannabis prohibition in Australia. In this time he has become one of our most passionate cannabis activists who has been lobbying the government to achieve the right for every Australian to have affordable access to Cannabis in it’s safe natural form. In the past few years Dr Andrew has followed his passion to #endchildhoodepilepsy which he felt became more increasingly important after spending time with children and their families living with intractable epilepsy, many of these familes had exhausted all the available allopathic options.

Dr Andrew Katelaris believes “The answer in my mind for Medical Cannabis is that everyone who needs Medical Cannabis has it provided at an affordable cost.” In my understanding he speaks of a three tiered approach to cannabis reform, it’s complete legalisation so people can grow a small number of plants for personal use (so people can legally grow medicine for their own immediate needs), a middle level reform for Australian growers and experienced medicine makers to continue their good work without persecution, and a corporate reform for the greater medical fraternity to make it available through the usual allopathic channels.

Dr Andrew Katelaris is currently incarcerated in a maximum security prison, Cessnock Correctional Centre and his bail application will be determined this Wednesday the 20th of June. Please join us if you can or tag, share and get this message out there.

If you would like to learn more about Dr Andrew Katelaris and his compassionate dedicated work,  see below a history of interviews and documentaries Andrew has participated in.

Aug 13, 2017 Greendorphin Media.  Dr Pot interview

Quote for Dr Andrew  “Cannabis has a safety profile unique in pharmacology. There is nothing that approaches the safety of Cannabis across the board, so it can be safely treated as a self-initiated herbal medicine. It does not need to be pharmaceuticalised to benefit companies not the patients. That’s not what medicine is about.”

In 1988 Dr Andrew traveled to Europe in search of a solution to the logging crisis we were having here in Australia. He studied Industrial Hemp extensively in Holland and then returned to Australia to apply for a license to grow Industrial Hemp.

Dr Andrew was deregistered in 2005 because of his continuing involvement in Medical Cannabis.“In 2005 I was basically given a choice to basically give up medical cannabis research and stay registered or leave the profession if I was to continue my research. It wasn’t a very hard decision. Seeing the therapeutic effects of what we were doing and the clear superiority of Cannabis therapeutics whether used as a sole agent or combination agent, umm once you’ve seen that you can’t turn your back on people.  It’s simply not acceptable for me.” – Dr Andrew Katelaris


January 17th 2016 – Music Weed Cheese podcast.

Dr. Andrew Katelaris is a fully qualified medical doctor who stood down by his own choice, he currently holds a doctorate in medical research. He has been charged for allegedly treating children with intractable epilepsy with cannabis-based products as he continues to put his own wellbeing on the line to fight for significant legal cannabis reform here in Australia.


January 2016Why Australia and Australian Media should stand behind Dr Andrew Katelaris   

Cannabis doctors that paved the way in Israel are not only funded but put on a pedestal and praised as great men. When in Australia this great man that have sacrificed so much for our rights is targeted and demonised? What terrible force is it that perpetrates this deception on Australia?

February 2016 –  Deisha Magic Stevens  

Deisha Magic Stevens was living with intractable epilepsy prior to meeting Dr Andrew Katelaris, and is one of the many children that have been assisted. Unfortunately Deisha’s father David Stevens passed away from Cancer in 2016. On David Steven’s death bed Mike Baird promised to provide Deisha with Medical Cannabis. To this day no Government Department has offered Deisha any support for Medical Cannabis. Deisha is still on Cannabis oil and living mostly seizure free.


12th of March 2016 – Nimbin Medican Seminar. Cancer and Cannabis therapy

11th June 2016 – Andrew “Dr Pot” at Nimbin Hemp Embassy


November 2016 –  A life of it’s own. The truth about Medical Cannabis

A life of it’s own aims to provide clarity and understanding of one of Australia’s most stigmatized and controversial issues – medicinal cannabis. Dr Andrew Katelaris appears multiple times throughout this screening and is acknowledged and respected for his dedicated work to end childhood epilepsy.

2015 Canberra Times – Deregistered doctor Andrew Katelaris is on a mission to bring cannabis to the masses

26th of March 2015 – Dr Andrew Katelaris speaking at the medical cannabis forum held in Sydney, Australia.   

Cannabis oil producer Dr Andrew Katelaris was deregistered in 2005 after refusing to stop recommending and supplying cannabis to patients. He says desperate families turn to him because they have run out of options. In defiance of the systemic injustice staring us in the face, he says, “When the law is unjust, resistance is mandatory.” Dr Katelaris is determined to continue to help the children who have been declared “untreatable” by other doctors. “It’s interesting what necessity does. What the health ministers are doing is criminal. They’re depriving severely incapacitated children from a lifesaving medicine—it’s that black and white.”                                                                                                                                                      

20th of June 2015 – United in Compassion Symposium 2015.

“In my opinion Cannabis prohibition is one of the greatest crimes against planet earth and the people on it.” Dr Andrew Katelaris

 29th of August 2015 –  Nimbin Medical Cannabis workshop

In this workshop Andrew explains the importance of Cannabis consumption to activate the Endocannabinoid System.

4th of September 2015 – Nimbin Medical Cannabis workshop

23rd of September 2015 – Dr Andrew Katelaris  DR Pot Plgrm interview.

“I was basically given a choice, give up medical cannabis research and stay registered, or leave the profession if I wished to continue my research, it wasn’t a very hard decision.” “After seeing the therapeutic effects of what we were doing and the clear superiority of the effects of cannabis therapeutics whether a sole agent or combination agent – once you’ve seen that you can’t turn your back on people. That’s simply not acceptable to me. I’ve not sacrificed my career – this is my career.” – Andrew Katelaris 

30th September 2015 – Dr Andrew Katelaris claims medical marijuana is a lifesaving treatment

“IT’S bizarre that in the 21st Century we have to hide the production of life saving medicine,” says Dr Andrew Katelaris as he opens the panel to his secret makeshift laboratory hidden inside a bedroom wardrobe.” Dr Andrew Katelaris

17th of October 2015 – Medical Cannabis seminar Brisbane

17th of October 2015 – The role for Dr’s in Medical Cannabis

“Medical Cannabis pharma logically is different from every other allopathic drug because it has zero toxicity at the organ level and zero potential for fatal outcomes with overdose.  Cannabis is measurably safer then aspirin, and paracetamol.” – Dr Andrew Katelaris.

20th of October 2015 – Global Freedom Movement interview

“There’s no human disease that cannot be touched in some way by cannabis.” – Dr Andrew Katelaris

 How can you help

  1. Please tag, share and help get this message out there.
  2. If you are one of the thousands of Australians that have had a better quality of life, or have witnessed improved health and better quality of life for loved ones because of Dr Andrew Katelaris’s dedication to Cannabis, then he needs your help now. We ask those treated by Dr Andrew Katelaris write a statement about how he has helped you, or a loved one (the nature of advice sought, the advice given, and outcomes) monetary donations are also appreciated, whether large or small, every dollar will count in his endeavor to end Cannabis Prohibition. Dr Katelaris’s trail starts on 5th of November 2017 and is expected to run for 2-3 weeks. Please email any testimonies to AKatelarisMovement@gmail.com
  3. You can also support Andrew’s legal battle here. https://au.gofundme.com/supporting-andrew-katelaris
  4. Please join Andrew in court support at his trial starting the 5th of November 2018. Join event on Facebook Here.

“In the real world the list of Cannabis Responsive conditions continues to grow.” – Dr Andrew Katelrais

“It is a sad refection on our society when cannabis patients are still prosecuted, and children are seized from loving parents who turn to medical cannabis, the only option that helps their suffering child.” – Dr Andrew Katelaris

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