Dr Andrew Katelaris Dietary Guidelines

Dr Katelaris’ Dietary Guidelines for Healing and Preventative Health

Diet has been extensively used in medicine for millennium, following Hippocrates’ immortal words “let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” However, the current corporate controlled, profit driven medical system downplays the link between diet and health, even at a time when diet controllable diseases cause an increasing burden on society and the health infrastructure.

There are currently many different diets on offer, bewildering in their multiplicity. They are often based more on marketing gimmicks than nutritional science and rely on celebrity approval rather than scientific validity. Calorie restriction and fasting have been repeatedly shown to have a beneficial effect in a range of human diseases including cancer, diabetes and many others. The challenge for the therapist is to deliver the necessary nutrients in a calorie controlled package. To achieve this, carefully selected nutritionally dense foodsneed to be included. Instructions for obtaining these are attached.

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