Dr Andrew Katelaris update and hearing details

URGENT UPDATE 30/10/2018: Dr Andrew Katelaris’s Trial (for some as yet unexplained reason) is no longer listed at on the online Court Registry, it begins in the Sydney District Court Downing Centre on Monday the 5th of November and will run for two to possibly three weeks in total from Monday 5th November until Friday 23rd November. Andrew has asked for all good people that are fighting for the urgent need for cannabis reform in Australia to stand with him throughout his trial.


With less than 2 months before the trial of Dr Andrew Katelaris, one of Australia’s Medical Cannabis pioneers, we are calling on all good people who wish for affordable access to whole plant Cannabis to stand with him now. His wife, Maria Katelaris best describes his actions on his mission to see all Australians have immediate affordable access to whole plant Cannabis.

“He has managed to criminalise himself,” whilst trying to decriminalise the plant.” – Maria Katelaris

If you would like to support Dr Katelaris in his upcoming court case you can do so here: https://www.churchofubuntu.org/court-support-for-dr-andrew-katelaris/  

Supreme Court Grants Bail to Renowned Medicinal Cannabis Doctor