Dr Andrew Katelaris Update

Dr Andrew Katelaris Update

Dr Andrew Katelaris is a dedicated researcher and has been advocating the benefits of Cannabis, Hemp and its multitude of uses since 1988. Unfortunately, the amazing Dr Andrew Katelaris is currently in jail.

His recent incarceration is another example of prohibition hurting good people and reflects the good Doctors passionate dedication to changing the laws so that all Australians can have affordable access to Cannabis.

While other Doctors in Israel and other countries are paid significant amounts of money and revered for their Cannabis research, our own Dr Katelaris is currently in remand at Cessnock Correctional Facility and faces a significant trial in November this year for the alleged cultivation, possession and supply, of a safe natural whole plant medicine used for both essential health, and as a medical necessity.

We see Andrew’s Court Case playing a major role in ending the draconian laws regarding Cannabis in Australia. Under current Government regulations, and despite the general public’s perception, Cannabis is nowhere near legal in Australia. The current legal framework around Cannabis especially relating to it being under different schedules with the cannabinoids CBD and THC, have created a situation whereby many medicine makers are being criminally charged under the Drug Misuse Act for making a medicine. At this time there are only around 100 to 120 people nationally that are able to access Epidiolex (High CBD Oil)  through the currently available Government channels.  With the 1000’s of people that would benefit from this plant and the importance of whole plant medicine, we as a community feel it is high time for significant change. Let us not forget that this is a plant that was gifted to us from creation to use as food and medicine like our ancestors have been using for thousands of years.

You can support Andrew, his family and the community by attending his bail hearing on the 14th of June at the Sydney Supreme Court, his 2 to 3 week trial beginning Monday the 5th of November in the Sydney District Court, and/or by making a contribution to his GoFundMe page endorsed and managed by the family directly.


Article by Karen Burge

Vice President Church Of Ubuntu