Dr Andrew Katelaris

About Dr Andrew

For the last 20 years Dr Andrew Katelaris has been on a mission to end the 80-year cannabis prohibition in Australia. In this time, he has become one of our most passionate cannabis activists who has been lobbying the government to achieve the right for every Australian to have affordable access to Cannabis in its safe natural form. In the past few years Dr Andrew has followed his passion to end childhood epilepsy, which he felt became more increasingly important after spending time with children and their families living with intractable epilepsy, with many of these families exhausting all the available allopathic options.

Dr Andrew’s association with the first Wellness Clinic Newcastle began late 2014 after meeting Nikki Freeburn at several Cannabis talks. Nikki went on to create her Client Care Consultancy and founded Natural Lore Wellness Clinic a couple of years after.  Ubuntu Wellness Clinic was then formed.    Andrew joined as a Consultant, who now continues to inspire and support those in need of his expertise.

In 1988 Dr Andrew travelled to Europe in search of a solution to the logging crisis we were having here in Australia. He studied Industrial Hemp extensively in Holland and then returned to Australia to apply for a license to grow Industrial Hemp.

Dr Andrew was deregistered in 2005 because of his continuing involvement in Medical Cannabis.

In 2005 I was basically given a choice to give up medical cannabis research and stay registered or leave the profession if I was to continue my research. It wasn’t a very hard decision. Seeing the therapeutic effects of what we were doing and the clear superiority of Cannabis therapeutics whether used as a sole agent or combination agent, umm once you’ve seen that you can’t turn your back on people.  It’s simply not acceptable for me.” – Dr Andrew Katelaris