Hemp Health and Innovation Expo Melbourne

Hemp Health and Innovation Expo-Melbourne 2018.

The Canna Nanna’s had an amazing weekend at the Hemp Health and Innovation Expo this weekend in Melbourne.

We made over 600 Hemp Milk smoothies samples as well as Hemp Burgers served on rainbow salad with Hemp Seed dressing.

Learn more about the benefits of hemp seeds here.

Purchase hemp seeds and recipes here.

It was great to see new hemp stalls showing more innovative ways to use the worlds most useful plant. Please visit the Hemp Health Innovation Expo to learn more about this event and the amazing stallholders who attended.

The Canna Nanna kitchen and hemp milk smoothie were also featured on the channel 9 news in Melbourne.

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The Canna Nanna’s are a Church of Ubuntu initiative, if you would like to follow the Canna Nanna’s or donate to support the valuable work they do you can do so here.