Jessica Mountford

About Me

During the last 14 years I have been working closely to support individual community members both locally and Australia wide. The last 5 years has been spent volunteering and working within Happy Herb Shop Newcastle and currently within the Church of Ubuntu’s – Ubuntu Wellness Clinic. Also providing temporary Admin and Consulting services for Natural Lore Wellness.  I have worked with many clients living with a vast range of chronic illnesses, ranging from PTSD, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune Conditions, Anxiety/Depression, Loss & Grief, Chronic Pain and those seeking health and wellness strategies as preventative health measures. In this current climate, I feel we need to support ourselves and each other as much as we can. Honestly, I’m deeply privileged to be apart of such an incredible team of inspiring individuals providing their wisdom, knowledgeable & heart-centred care to those in need.

Before commencing with the clinic I had attained many crisis support skills for a Crisis Line. Using basic Counselling techniques, Mental health First Aid & Living Works ASSIST.  Working as a Group Facilitator in the training modules as well as Support on Call for the Crisis Supporters/Telephone Counsellors. I then ventured up the ladder to become a Clinical Supervisor. I was within this work place for 7 years offering Person Centred services & meeting KPI’s.  I picked up some part-time work as a Self Managed Disability Support Worker after my time within the Crisis/Counselling Service to witness the NDIS rollout over the course of 2 years. I have since gained Health & Wellness Coaching certifications. I embody ancient spiritual practices from many cultures, as I see myself as not belonging in any particular place due to my English/European heritage, however also respect and enjoy learning and integrating the old medicine ways.

What I have found from this vast range of experience is that sadly there seems to be a huge sense of disconnection with most people from themselves, their relationships or socially, yes even in this day and age of having being able to connect online. Most are fed up with what the current Western Medical System and Government have to offer and there is a great sense of disillusionment overall. There are many people who are desperate to find just answers as to why they are feeling so unwell, yet at times leave the Dr’s office without any resolutions. Alternatively they walk out with a prescription after a 5-10 minute session after waiting sometimes hours to see their specialist. Yet still their pain and existence is too overwhelming. The relief they are searching for ultimately isn’t achieved or it’s merely only temporary and often damaging if it does help taken long term.

People are seeking connection, someone who understands, someone who can be there with them,  somewhere they don’t feel interrogated or judged & wish to be heard. Searching for quality of life and overall wellness without invasive therapies or guilt attached if they choose an alternate approach to healing is also a rarity. The answer in my eyes is Holistic Healing and in some cases a combination of both natural and prescriptions taken is effective short term.

Speaking with the many clients that have come through the clinic have expressed that we here seem to provide much more in what the current medico field is offering overall. They have seen that we are here to support them through these challenging and isolating times. We empower you to see yourself as a sovereign being and to take your health back into your own hands with confidence and make sustainable changes. I can help guide you to build the inner strength & resilience that was inside you all along. You deserve to live the best version of you.

Jessica Mountford

Health & Wellness Advocate, Spiritual Teacher,
Ubuntu Wellness Clinic Consultant

One on One Sessions available Monday’s and Thursday’s either by phone, Skype or in the clinic. 
Services available: (Depending on individuals various needs):-

  • Energy Healing/Reiki
  • Mindfulness Techniques
  • Create Sustainable Goals – Short Term / Long Term
  • Divination
  • Chakra Healing
  • Oracle Readings
  • Clearing Blockages
  • Life/Spiritual Coaching
  • Loss & Grief
  • Acceptance & letting go techniques

Fees are:

$55 – 1/2 hour
$85 – 1 hour
$120 – 1 1/2 hour