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Ubuntu Kick Start your Health Program 

Your health is your biggest asset and the best way to treat disease is to try our best to prevent it, in my opinion.

Through witnessing other peoples healing journey and my own personal healing journey with auto-immune disease, I have seen fantastic results for those that make simple diet and lifesytle changes. I will be sharing the tools that work for me and encouraging others to share what has worked for them on a live video on the Church of Ubuntu Facebook page.

9am every Saturday for the month of October.

We have also found that weight loss occurs easily once we change our focus to improving our health rather then weight loss.

So if you would like to take your health back into your own hands join us by filling in the intake form and joining the live videos.

Karen Burge

Kick Start your health programe $125.00

Your program includes –

  • Kick start your health recipes, a diet and lifetsyle program
  • Entry into the zoom online meditations and support groups
  • 1 Kilo of Hemp seeds plus postage.

The Church of Ubuntu is supported by many members of the community, we are a not for profit incorporated association. Our health consultants are all highly experienced and each one can offer a great insight into your health and well-being . The first step to wellness is to accept full responsibility for ones own health, we offer a much needed alternative to allopathic medicines, we aim to cure occasionally, relieve often, and comfort always. The Ubuntu Team.

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