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Your health is your biggest asset and the best way to treat disease is to try our best to prevent it. Our body has an intelligence within that knows how to heal when we create the right environment. The best way to create the right environment is to reduce the toxins we put in and on our body.

Through witnessing other people’s healing journey and my own personal healing journey with auto-immune disease, I have seen fantastic results for those that make simple diet and lifestyle changes. The change in overall well-being and weight loss have been evident in those that consistently consume hemp seeds daily. Many say it feels as though it reboots their system.

We encourage you to follow your intuition and start to become aware of how your feeling after you eat particular foods. Tiredness after eating or allergies could be a sign that particular foods could be the cause. This program encourages you to consume a basic plant-based food that supports your body to rest, rejuvenate and restore.

We look forward to supporting you and guiding you on your journey back to wellness.

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The Ubuntu Team

If you experience any difficulties please email us for assistance. Tel: 0411 483 895

The Church of Ubuntu is supported by many members of the community, we are a not for profit incorporated association. Our health consultants are all highly experienced and each one can offer a great insight into your health and well-being . The first step to wellness is to accept full responsibility for ones own health, we offer a much needed alternative to allopathic medicines, we aim to cure occasionally, relieve often, and comfort always. The Ubuntu Team.

Kick Start Your Health With Hemp Intake Form