Kick Start your Health with Hemp

Kick Start your Health with Hemp. Care Package/Support Group and Retreats.

In the last five years I have managed to bring my auto immune condition into remission and I have also watched thousands of others in our community have better quality of life by consuming Hemp Seeds and Cannabis as food for the nutritional, medicinal and disease prevention benefits.

Even though the purpose of cannabis consumption is to achieve and maintain homeostasis consuming Hemp Seeds daily and making some simple dietary and lifestyle changes are a critical part of our programs.

In my ever increasing passion to support people to take their health back into their own hands I have created a Kick Start your Health with Hemp care package with an online support group and fortnightly Wellbeing Wednesday meetings.

After running the Church of Ubuntu and Ubuntu Wellness Clinic for the past 5 years I have come to realise that our health is our biggest asset, and it is easier to try and prevent disease than treat it.

So if your wanting to take your health back into your own hands and need help to achieve your goals simply follow the directions below to get started.

Kick Start Your Health With Hemp Care Package

Valuable information & products to help kick start your health with hemp

Fee:   $130


1kg Hemp Seeds

15ml Liquid Magnesium

200gm Anti-oxidant Enzyme Force Powder

Sativa Sisters Recipe Book

KSYH Nutritional Guidelines

Membership and support in a private Facebook Group

Online support meetings

Includes postage

To begin your journey back to wellness please complete the intake form below by clicking the link:

We look forward to sharing your journey back to wellness with you 🙏

Karen Burge

Vice President- Church of Ubuntu

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