Meet Belinda Doonar

Meet Belinda Doonar

Belinda Doonar is a member of our research team and currently working on documenting the benefits of Hemp Seeds and Cannabis Food Concentrate (CFC) consumption. You can follow Belinda on Facebook at Instagram Point of View – Health, Cannabis, Compassion and Cure (HCCC) #LoveBelle?

“Chemotherapy was a major cytotoxic drug I administered to many patients over a number of years whilst i was a registered nurse, I was very passionate about the opportunity to work with these patients. It wasn’t until I needed the curative effects of Cannabis Food Concentrates for emotional wellbeing (in 2016) that I realised I was part of the problem. Cancer is now affecting the health and wellbeing of almost half of all Australians. It’s an epidemic of critical importance. 

If we are to continue down the path of administering cytotoxic drugs first line to treat cancer knowing that it can cause death what happens when we’re faced with a family who refuse to accept this risk? 

They have every right to feel angry, frustrated and annoyed that their relative or friend is not offered a safer, gentler and kinder alternative that may have enriched their lives, improved their quality of life and possibly cured them of their disease. 

I’ve been asked if this is the result of a government health care system hell bent on forcing their will on people who come to them for help stealthfully offering the potential of an earlier, painful death. A critical mass of conscienscious objection, defiance and revolution has discovered it is and I can tell you, they are not happy about it and nor am I. 

How much longer can government officials and policy makers continue to push their will on Australians whilst condemning people to suffer through the adverse effects of cytotoxics dressed up as “medicine”? 

I can’t imagine a world without the healing effects of cannabis and insist that everyone understand its availability as a food is pivotal in the evolution of consciousness, compassion and cure. Without it we are destined for unimaginable compounding ill health. 

I appologise to every person I administered chemotherapy to and wish that I’d found the healing herb earlier and provided information about it for them all. I didn’t know any better and like every body else was hoodwinked into believing it was dangerous. 

I’m trying to make things right and choose to be part of the solution. #CannabisISfoodand everybody needs it in them. 

HEMP seeds, good food, good friends and good weed have saved my life. It can save yours too. 


In loving memory of my dad Terry Doonar who received treatment for cancer at the PA Hospital and St Vincent’s hospital in Brisbane. I wish it had been different dad. I love you and I miss you always.”