My Island Home from Dan Ross

This video was forced to be taken down (from someone within the NSW Government) because of its political stance urging people to vote for the climate on Election Day – Saturday 18th May 2019.
Please share the link and let’s get as many eyes across it as possible.

Filmmakers @matty_hannon and @gary_parker from @thunderboxfilms have put so much of their time and energy into creating something powerful that outlines why we are fighting to protect these pristine and wild spaces.
Please demand protection for our land, air and waters by voting for the climate this election.
@belindabaggs @cultureislife__ @fightforthebight @stopadanimovement @greenpeaceap #fightforthebight #stopadani #bigoildontsurf


When the Australian coastline comes under attack, an eclectic mix of surfers, school kids, first-nation elders and passionate folk step up to fight for what they love.


Dan Ross
Belinda Baggs and Rayson Baggs
Birri nation elder: Uncle Ken Peters-Dodd
Dr. Alan Cuthbertson

Directed by: Matty Hannon and Gary Parker
Cinematography: Matty Hannon, Gary Parker and Johnny Gaskell
Additional footage: Lewis Haskins, Madison Jeffrey, Che Chorley and Joe Proudman

‘Something On My Mind’
Lyrics by Glenn Skuthorpe, Jedda Costa and Louis Mokak with original music by Glenn Skuthorpe and accompaniment by Alice Skye.

Engineered by Colin Wynne at Thirty Mills Studios,
Produced by Katie Symes for Culture is Life, with music video by James Arneman at Sunlander Films.

Executive producer: Arnhem Bickley
Social Impact Consultant: Georgia Quinn

Create NSW
Bobby Romia, Investment Manager
Megan Young, Senior Investment Manager
Sally Regan, Director of Screen Investment

Screenworks Australia Executive Producers
Ken Crouch
Louise Hodgson

Production Assistant: Kate Nelson and Alexandra Dungey

Thanks to The Surfrider Foundation and Front Line Action on Coal

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