My Will Letter To NSW Legislative Assembly

Some concerned members of the public started a “My Will” letter to enable the good people of Australia to inform NSW Parliament of their will that Chase Walker-Steven be immediately and safely returned to the care of his devoted and loving family.

The terrible event of Chase’s removal by NSW Family & Community Services on 19th May 2017 was witnessed by over 500,000 people on social media within minutes and by over 4 million people within hours.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has already sent and helped collect “My Will” letters for Chase.  If you are yet to sign and post this letter (see PDF copy below), please consider helping Chase and his family by participating in this Constitutional action by we, the people.

The Australian Constitution is our highest protection in written law and ensures Parliament is subject to the “will of the people”.  Please check out Arthur Chresby’s e-book, “Your Will Be Done” to find out more about how the My Will process works to serve, we, the people.

Your participation in this simple action can lawfully help to #BringChaseHome, be used to support related court cases and to assist with positive system and legislative change for the sake of all Australians.  It would be great if the letters could be posted asap en masse and if you are able, please collect multiple letters at events, workplaces or from friends and family.

The Church of Ubuntu will be also be sending an email to Members of the NSW Parliament to assist with their awareness of this terrible situation and to call for their urgent action to ensure Chase is immediately and safely returned to the devoted care of his biological mother and father, Jacinda Walker and Alexander Marc Steven.  An update will be posted shortly with a copy of our email and responses received.

You can help by downloading and signing the My Will letter attached to this post.

Please post your signed “My Will” letters to the following address:

Chase’s Army, PO Box 22, Virginia, QLD  4014

Please watch the following videos provided to assist with your understanding and urgency of this matter: 

May 2017 – Chase smiling and laughing – 17K Views, 39 shares, 59 comments 

Friday, 19 May 2017 – FACS and Police at Church of Ubuntu – 596K views, 10K shares, 2.8K comments, 

Download (PDF, Unknown)