Physicians Affidavit of Immunisation Safety

Information and Documents for Conscientious Objectors to Immunisations, (including the Vitamin K injection).

The following downloadable pdf is a general affidavit of immunisation safety to ask your doctor to sign. You can ask him/her to sign this before agreeing to receive an immunisation for you or your child. Explain to your doctor that you are more than happy to receive an immunisation providing the doctor can sign this affidavit to ensure it is safe. If the doctor refuses, it is not you refusing to vaccinate, but the doctor refusing to sign that it is safe. Centrelink cannot then interfere with your child support payment as you have not refused a vaccination, the doctor has refused to sign that it is safe.

Download (PDF, Unknown)


This Document should be provided by your doctor before your child is given the Vitamin K Injection. Every parent should read this documentation before making a choice about their child receiving the Vitamin K Injection.

Download (PDF, 13KB)