Spagyric Extracts

Celestial Alchemy creates spagyric herbal elixirs for health and spiritual development. Our elixirs are made from plants and herbs using an alchemical method called spagyrics. Our Spagyric elixirs contain everything from the plant including the tincture, essential oil, and mineral salts in one potent spiritualised elixir.
Celestial Alchemy spagyric elixirs are 100% natural, and are created from organic or wildcrafted herbs. We use the Spagyric method to produce our elixirs, which is an alchemical technique that uses a series of complex extraction processes to separate, purify, and recombine the 3 essential elements of the plant. These processes are conducted under very specific astrological timings, infusing the spagyric elixirs with cosmic energies. The result is a very pure, potent, spiritualised alchemical elixir.

What should I try first?
Spagyrics can be treated exactly like herbal medicine. For example, for more energy we would suggest Siberian Ginseng, Yerba Mate, Muira Puama or the Health and Vitality formula.

How much do I need to take?
For everyday use we suggest 3-5 drops once a day (Sleep, Astral Dreaming & Aprodisiac refer to box for dosage). They can be take up to 3 times a day for chronic illness. Intuition should be used for individual consumption.

What if I take more than the recommended dose?
Spagyrics are non-toxic and the only side effects you may experience are detoxification symptoms.

How can I take them?
The simplest way is to put a few drops in water, or under the tongue. Add to hot water to make a delicious herbal tea.

How are they made?
Our Spagyrics are prepared in a modern lab using ancient alchemical processes. Creation takes a month during which time each of the essential elements are extracted from the herb, purified and then recombined forming a potent natural medicine.

What is alchemy?
Briefly, alchemy is the craft of raising your vibration, and accelerating the natural process of evolution. Alchemy can be used for healing and spiritual development. For more information on alchemy please visit

Can I mix it with other medicines?
Please consult your doctor or herbalist if you are considering replacing or complementing any current medication with herbal remedies.

Why are they so potent?
The strength comes from the separation, purification, and recombination of the oils, tincture and minerals of the herb forming an extremely pure, exalted medicine.

What does the planet information on the side of the box mean?
According to alchemical teachings, everything in existence has a correspondence with one of seven ‘signatures’ – these include days of the week, planets, chakras, musical tones etc. Each herb is handled during the precise day and time on its corresponding day to optimise its energy.

Can I take more than one product at a time?

How does it work on mind, body and spirit at once?
Each of these aspects are affected individually by the soul, spirit and body of the herb, which have been purified and concentrated in the spagyric. Simply, spagyrics are a complete medicine, offering complete healing.

How does it transform me?
Over time, taking spagyrics daily purifies your body, mind and spirit, giving you a cleaner body, clarity of mind and radiant energy. The overall effect is a raising of your vibration, which is key for spiritual evolution.

I don’t believe in energy healing. Will they work for me?
Yes. Unlike homeopathy which only offers an ‘energetic’ effect, spagyrics are a complete medicine and contain highly concentrated amounts of measurable elements like vitamins and minerals.