Save Our Coast

Hundreds gathered in Civic Park to share their concerns regarding the proposed seismic testing and oil rigs in Newcastle and The Central Coast region.

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There are many reasons why we want to Stop Seismic Testing and the proposed oil rigs off our coast.

SEISMIC TESTING (explosive underwater BLASTING for oil or gas) is being planned for 500 square kilometres of our coast between Newcastle and The Central Coast to find the best drilling targets for a gas field? (2/3 of our gas is shipped overseas)

Seismic test blasts, can be between 200-256 decibels, are fired every few seconds for 24 hours continuously for days or weeks on end, have been shown to kill plankton over 1km away, and can deafen, stress, injure and cause death in our precious marine life?

The Federal Government Departments that approved the seismic blasting and drilling met at Newcastle City Hall on Thursday the 7th of February while Save our Coast organisation and concerned citizens held a Peaceful Protest, all day vigil in Civic Park from 9am – 7pm.

This was a community effort to show the Federal Government that we do not want oils rigs off our coast and WE WANT TO STOP SEISMIC TESTING in Newcastle and The Central Coast indefinitely!

Seismic testing harms marine life. 

3D seismic testing involves multiple explosive and intense underwater air gun blasts, firing simultaneously, every 3-10 seconds, 24 hours a day for days or weeks on end.

These explosive seismic blasts are known to harm and kill marine life, including killing plankton and krill for over a kilometre, causing malformations in oysters and ruining fish stocks.

Seismic blasts cause stress to whales and dolphins, can cause deafness and navigational impairment, leading to disorientation and weakness, and have been linked to stranding’s and death

New Zealand Bans Seismic Testing!

Seismic testing has been banned in New Zealand, and a lawsuit has been filed in the US against Donald Trump for re-instating seismic testing after it was banned by the Obama administration due to environmental impacts.

Global Evidence!

Fishermen around the world from Norway to Ghana report loss of catch and label seismic testing an assault on their livelihoods; growing global scientific evidence outlines severe environmental impacts.

Accelerated Climate change! 

With methane from gas destabilising the climate much more than CO2 from coal, a gas field would accelerate coral bleaching, (RIP Barrier Reef), acidification of oceans, melting of polar icecaps, extreme weather and rising sea levels.

With 2/3 of our gas exported overseas, to subject our marine animals and our living ocean to this harm in this era of climate change is unconscionable, not to mention the risk of irreparable harm to our coast.

No community consultation! 

This has been imposed on us by the federal government without community consultation.

The NSW government and councils opposed!

The NSW state Government and Newcastle and Central Coast councils oppose this flawed plan.

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