Chase Walker-Steven

(Picture left to right, Cini, Chase and Naveah)

“This is my beautiful baby boy Chase he is 4 years old. Chase was born a healthy baby with APGAR scores, 8 at 1min, 9 at 5mins and a 10 at 10mins. Then Chase received the vitamin K injection (which my partner and i did not consent to) within 10 mins of birth. After receiving the Vitamin K shot Chase started having seizures 2 hours after the vaccine. After 12 hours from birth Chase was taken to special care with oxygen levels of 82%, within 15 hours of birth Chase had jaundice and was put into an incubator for 4 days with 30% of oxygen being given.
Then the hospital gave Chase hepatitis B when he was 5 days old (he may have been given two hepatitis B shots) when Chase was 5 days old he was also noted in his medical records he had a 30 sec seizure an hour and half before he was given the hepatitis B. My son had a MRI on day 4 of life and it came back that his brain was normal. But when Chase had his 2 months MRI it is showing he has no brain damage but his myelin sheath has stoped growing.

To this day Chase has been diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy (with no brain damage on his MRI) and uncontrolled epilepsy with the doctors saying that Chase has an epileptic gene that they cannot find.
Chase has up to 100 seizures a day 80% of those things is happening inside his brain not visible 10 tonic clonic seizures and several jerking seizures throughout the day. Chase also has 20-40 wind fits a day where he will throw himself to try burp or to pass wind or too do a poo. Within these wind fit Chase’s heart rate goes up to 250, and the wind fits can last up to 2 hours. If Chase does not burp or pass wind within a certain time, he will then go into a massive tonic clonic seizure. My son is Vaxxed injured. I will fight until we get told the truth and Chase gets his Justice. Please help share spread the awareness. No child should feel the pain Chase does everyday. Please watch my sons video ….. ( Chase at 6 days old with seizures after receiving the hepatitis B Vaccine) Vaccine Injury is very very real.

Marc Alexander Steven (Chase’s Dad)

Update: Deb Camacho 17/1/2017 Child Abduction threat by the Qld Dept. of Communities

Chase, the 4 year old vaccine damaged son of Cini Walker is currently in danger of being forcibly removed from the loving care of his Mum and placed in Hospital by the Dept. Of Communities in Qld. Chase has suffered from intractable seizures from a few months old, plus .. . . . . ..
Chase has been attended to by teams of Doctors and Specialists for over 3 years – his conditions only worsening. Chase’s Mum, in desperation to save her son, has been using the healing properties of Medicinal Cannabis for several months and Chase’s Epileptic Seizures have reduced dramatically. Only last week,  tests from a hospital visit proved that Chase’s conditions are getting better not worse, due to the introduction of Medicinal Cannabis. Cini Walker, a dutiful, caring mother, is obviously concerned for Chase’s health and his very life if the Department goes ahead and “abducts” Chase from the beneficial care that he is receiving at home. We call upon the Minister for Communities and the Premier herself to intervene, use common sense and logic and allow Chase to follow the proven healing path that he now travels. ( picture, Cini & Chase seeking shelter with BJ at The Church Of Ubuntu)

COU Update – Friday 17th Feb 2017.

After the above events the COU and independent Consultant Dr Andrew Katelaris, approached both Protective Services and the Beenleigh Magistrate concerning Chase’s situation. The COU arranged a group meeting for the major parties involved on 14th Feb 2017 in Browns Plains QLD. Despite this meeting and genuine attempts to arbitrate and reconcile the situation, on 16th February a Court Assesment Order was raised by Protective Services.

On 17th February 2017 the Beenleigh Magistrate allowed Chase to remain with his loving family and also allowed Cini & Marc to continue with their independent health program for Chase with provision for some financial assistance. The next court date is March 14th.

On March 14th 2017 ………

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