Chase Perrin


(story Zoe Perrin)

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to write and let you know we are seeing massive changes in Chase and his behaviour physical development brain function it has completely changed our household.
I initially sought help from our conventional paediatrician for his behaviour self harm head banging, consistant crying, screaming when frustrated, scratching at his arms and legs, consistent sleepless nights (sleeping maybe 2hrs a night for weeks in a row). When our pead sat there and googled chases syndrome infront of me and then rather then looking into his issues persisted on asking me for a photograph of chase for the internal medical website this pead had put together, I was at my wits end.
Our household made up of chases father Matt myself and older brother Mannix (9yr) were at breaking point. Not only had my husband lost his wife to depression from sleepless nights but my oldest son his mother.
Chase would spoil anything we had planned or had guests over, he was unmanageable when slightly out of his comfort zone. His Hyperactivity was off the charts and even when trying to consol him he couldnt sit with you longer than a few seconds.
Chase has been on a few different oils over the past 2 months, our household has completely changed, chase now sleeps for most of the night, his headbanging on toys walls floors has all but ceased, his sensory overload no longer seems to be happening, we have been able to go swimming and the yelling and screaming kids no longer upset him.
He now seeks effection and enjoys physical contact like hugs, kisses, he laughs his head off when tickled cuddles, rolling around with his big brother and dad, he now sits with you while you read a book to him. It is absolutely amazing its actually making me tear up a bit writing this thinking about these 3yrs of our family suffering just trying to make it work, when something like this is out there for children and adults who suffer with these syndromes or conditions and it is not readily available.
Chase eye connection has improved dr’s had left us with basically only option is operating and with his poor muscle tone there is a massive risk of a general anaesthetic and i was not willing to take that risk. He used to crawl into doors frames and he has not done that for a while now.
His chewing and appetite has changed dramatically chase would not chew he would swollow and choke gag and throw up the entire contents of his stomach, this has stopped he is now starting to chew we can now give him most things to taste without worrying about him choking. Now his appetite has hugely increased chase currently has a cold now usually a cold will make him so sick he stops eating and we end up in hospital, this has not happened as he is still eating throughout. Also his ability to clear his throat and cough is increasing like his muscle tone or co-ordination is coming together and its just clicking.
Chase now sleeps in a big toddler bed, he has just started to understand that if he gets out he will be put in his cot and he chooses to stay in his big boy bed!
I could go on and on about the massive changes and improvements in Chase all round, but I guess I will state this is the first time in 3yrs if have an amazingly positive feeling and am so excited to see what chase can acheive with the help of the oil!
Just want to say a massive thank you to Trizzy and everyone else who has made this happen, please know you have changed our lives.
Lots of love keep doing what your doing and if there is anything at all i can do to assist in getting this out there please do not hesitate to ask. The proof is in my child.
Non verbal
Can not walk as yet
Cri du chat syndrome
Diagnosed at birth


Zoe Perrin