Ubuntu gave me Hope – Wanda Mahony

Hi, My name is Wanda Mahony,

It all started in 2009 when a freckle was removed from my left shoulder which turned out to be a Melanoma. Life went on as normal after a couple months.

Then in 2015 I noticed a few lumps under my left armpit. An immediate follow-up biopsy revealed it was in fact Melanoma. Which had returned and infected my lymph nodes. In March 2015 I had my left armpit nodes removed.

In October 2015 pet scans and report by oncologist indicated I had no cancer around that site or elsewhere.

December 2015 I went to Newcastle, N.S.W with my family for Christmas to visit my eldest daughter and husbands family as well as my sisters family. We planned to celebrate Christmas then travel as family (eldest daughter included) down the coastline through to Adelaide with some great stops along the way.

This never happened.

Before leaving for our journey, I had a numbness on my face specifically around my mouth and nose and thought I should get it checked out.

After the second visit to the hospital within two days, I had a scan and was to find out that I had a tumour in my brain. Located in the pontine region. The Dr indicated this is very serious and my family were informed. It was deemed inoperable and all the medical professionals said I was going to die.

Naturally I panicked and was full of fear and traumatised.

“This must be a bad dream. This can’t be happening I thought. I didn’t know what to do. My uncle who also lives in Newcastle had cancer and as part of his treatment uses cannabis oil. He believed it may help me with this fight and generously offered some of his oil. He highly recommended it as primary treatment and calmative. Immediately I got in touch with the Ubuntu Wellness Clinic, Newcastle. Within a couple of days, we had a consult and I shared my situation.

A new light was shone.

We looked at and discussed my lifestyle, diet, habits, etc. After which I made many changes. Including continuing my prescribed oil.

I remember at the time they were renovating the building, however they still managed to see me.

The Mater Hospital Oncology unit, Newcastle, commenced immediate intense radiology every second day for 10 days as well as introducing strong steroids hoping to contain any further tumour growth.

About mid-January 2016 after treatment and somewhat stability we flew back home to W.A.

With referrals from the Mater team we contacted the one of the best melanoma cancer Drs in Perth.

My concerned family had heard there was a new cancer drug called Keytruder which was getting good results for people fighting Melanoma cancer. The Perth professional agreed to give me this treatment and referred me to his colleague who is available for us in our country area. My current oncologist Dr K.

A consult resulted with Dr K and Keytruder treatment commenced within a couple of weeks.

During this period of medical treatment, I maintained my new diet, medicinal cannabis oil, meditation and clean lifestyle with the help of family and friends.

Unfortunately, things weren’t going too well and to add to my situation my breathing got difficult.

On Friday afternoon I went to the Bunbury hospital emergency.

After being admitted, scans were conducted and a couple of blood clots on the lungs were discovered.

Whilst in hospital I was given two injections of blood thinners to help my lungs, this did help my lungs however it did cause my tumour to bleed.  I was transported to Perth, Fiona Stanley Hospital to be observed and perhaps have an operation to insert a type of filter to stop any clots advancing up from my legs. Dr’s decided not to operate however I was kept in hospital for observation. Over the next week or so my condition further deteriorated. Approximately ten days later I left the hospital on my own accord against medical advice and headed home to Bunbury to be with my husband, children and family.

Things were difficult at home however I was with my family.

I had a turn at home very much like a stroke and lost the use of my right side.

My home life was short lived, and I was soon admitted to palliative care unit at the Bunbury Hospital for more and intense help.

My swallow no longer worked, and tube was inserted in my stomach to keep up water and food intake.  During this time, I lost my ability to urinate so a catheter was fitted and I now wore a nappy.

I could not see or communicate very well. Dr K described it as “locked in syndrome” I was also confined to a wheelchair.

My very supportive husband had converted our bathroom and bedroom to suit me. I now had all my medicine, nappies and special food at home. I convinced the head nurse that I could go home which wasn’t easy. I was fitted with a morphine pump which needed removing before I could leave, and it was. I felt the drug stopped my rational thinking, physical capacity and I wanted it gone.

About this time, I was due for my fourth injection of Keytruda. I believed I needed the treatment to improve but my oncologist thought I was physically too weak. He gave me one week to show some improvement before receiving my injection. This I did, I managed to lift my right arm and utter a few words and was granted permission to receive my intravenous drug in two days time.

I kept up my oil and was very determined to be the person I once was. I managed to get my swallow back and began to eat soft things. My stomach feed tube was eventually removed. I practised basic things like clapping and physically I slowly improved. I got to a stage that I no longer needed a catheter or a nappy. I now used a walker and progressed from my wheelchair. I attended physio weekly at the hospital which helped me immensely. I eventually mastered walking again and slowly regained my ability to function again as a normal person.

This was wonderful however the tumour was still in my brain. I decided to have an appointment with Dr Charlie Teo (world leading Neurosurgeon) based in Sydney, NSW, who said it was likely I would die if he did not remove the tumour and the sooner the better.

I went through with the operation on 29\12\16 and again had to do some serious rehabilitation.

One year and three months later I now jog 1km, basic exercises and practise Yoga each Monday to Friday mornings with my husband.

I have had 3 scans since my operation and I am cancer free. I keep up my oil, diet and 3 weekly Keytruda injections.

I also drink 2 litres of Unique water everyday recommended to me by Charlie Teo. I feel like I have won the lotto and thank God every day

I have written a song and sing it on Facebook with a video attached portraying some of my journey if you would like to view it under Wanda Mahony