The Future Of Our Children

As advocates for Cannabis, which is now proven to be the most important vegetable known to man, The Church of Ubuntu President BJ Futter and Vice President Karen Burge are running in the upcoming federal election for The Great Australian Party. Their intention is to restore the constitution, end cannabis prohibition, clean up family and community services and play a more active role in protecting and preserving our precious natural resources.

BJ Futter – Candidate for Newcastle in The House of Representatives. Seeking Cannabis/HEMP FREEDOM. The re-education and re-legalisation of Cannabis! Why is ‘Re-Education’ so important? Due to the current legal status of this PLANT, sadly most in our western culture believe Cannabis or Hemp is somehow evil, or just to get people stoned etc etc, with no true teachings of the extraordinary benefits this plant holds for both mankind and the Earth itself. Four to five generations of our society have been conditioned and indoctrinated to believe this plant is somehow the root of problems not the solution … and the TRUTH?

It is the exact opposite!! Long before prohibition of the plant in 1937, the general population were taught the benefits of the plant for building materials, community connections and general health. And now it is time to ‘Re-Educate’ with current scientific and health practice experts leading the way!!!!

This campaign is not aimed at those who wish to abuse this sacred plant to live in oblivion, but to assist and raise awareness of how in everyday living, we – as a society can benefit from its’ many uses including building, health, clothing, natural skin and body care and so so much more ….. This is not about getting ‘Stoned’ to get healthy or live in couch locked abuse of OUR HERB .. THAT is the biggest misconception we face … but rather HOW the different components of the plant can be utilised for its’ many many benefits. Benefits that FAR outweigh the risks propagandised by those supposedly in power and looking out for our well-being.

This plant – Cannabis or Hemp – can heal, run vehicles, cure acne, form parts of almost ANY building material, is sustainable, can repair chemically-overladen soil, create a fabric, disease prevention, strengthening bone density …. Just to name a few !! This plant is food, medicine and oils and fibre for industrial use. To hear and witness everyday more and more evidence based and personal testimonies on the astounding benefits of this amazing ‘Gift from Creation’ is truly heart warming and re –establishes the understanding of OUR collective abilities and potential to repair not only OUR PLANET but also OUR own HEALTH.

To truly access “ITs” real potential, we must all diligently and consistently Re-Educate ourselves and ALL those around us with facts, research and testimony, not just listen to fear-based information spread throughout our communities for self-purpose. It is also quite possible that through use of this plant we have the ability to access or activate our true compassionate and philanthropic feelings and actions which in turn then flow out to benefit the greater community. Yes – it is a sacred plant indeed. Assisting to create strong and caring community is our highest priority in the repair of our planet and therefore ourselves. Without strong community, we will continue to remain fragmented and numb to our POTENTIAL that is truly inspired when we are able to come together and act as a unified people. – BJ Futter

Karen Burge – NSW Senate Candidate for GAP, The Great Australian Party. The push for me to run in this election was so strong because of the fear of what lies ahead for our own well being and longevity, and the well being and longevity of “ALL OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS” if we do not stand up now.

Personally I feel we are at a critical time in history where we have to stand up for our most important assets, which in my opinion are our well being, our land, water and all future generations. The current two party system does not have our health and well being or the preservation of our natural resources as their highest priority – I think it needs to be.

That is why I have chosen to represent the people of the Commonwealth as a GAP party candidate – their policies align with my values and priorities in ending Cannabis prohibition, protecting and preserving our precious natural resources and being a voice for the future generations, vulnerable children, seniors, our farmers. – Karen Burge

If you are fed up with the current system and you wish to see a change this election please visit our website and meet out state candidates. If your policies align with our intention and vision VOTEGAP1 and HEMP2 this Saturday, and together we can be the solution.

All Australians deserve immediate affordable access and the choice to grow it in our back yard if that is our desire.

Thank you, Karen Burge, Vice President of The Church of Ubuntu